Loneliness - If It Takes All night - Tonight - I'll Be Waiting - Green Star Liner
The Man Who Built America - Homesick - Letters From Home - Long Weekend - Long Time Ago



Remember the way it started
leaves on a stream
seasons to dream when we were younger
we were home
And did we just keep on running
tripping over our fears
or was it the years
changing our laughter leaving home
Lady come home I want to find you on your own
I'm so alone oh and I need you yes I need you

Oh loneliness oh loneliness
Oh loneliness is hard to take

Look at the skies above us they're clouded with rain
nothing's the same all I can say now
is come home
Look at the streets around us,
they're tumbling down
poisoning grounds get off the streets now
and come home.


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I was only a passerby, I couldn't get involved
but you seemed so lost, so off your course
I ran to help you, when you called
You were only a little child
a face behind the wall
you were compromised, not worldly wise
You saw and heard, you felt it all
But it's love we're talking about, and I can see

if it takes all night
I'm going to love you, and make it right

You lost your heart, when you found your way to
the neon side of town now it's no surprise, to realise
the friends you made have let you down
They turned your head, with the things they said
they blinded you with lies
But you can't erase the smiling face
the glamour hid, behind the eyes


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Tomorrow's the day,
I gotta go I hate to leave you but you know
I can't stay I'm away
I gotta go I hate to leave you but you know
I can't stay
Wherever dreams are sold
you'll find me spending all my money and time
on a pot of gold
but like the rainbow it's never ending

Tonight you're with me
tonight but what of tomorrow

I want you so bad
she said to me you're really hurting to be free
and it's sad so bad
you're telling me you really want me to be free
and it's sad
Whatever dreams we had
the sunlit hours we spent together
are all the reasons to be glad
cos all those memories will still be ours


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I sat on the doorstep
and watched her slowly walk away
She wasn't sad, she wasn't angry
Does she ever hear a word I say ?
I was only a dumb kid
playing parts I'd studied for a day
but I'm no actor
could never say a line to save my life
So what's the matter with indifference ?
It's just an easy way to kill the pain
You can't be crying when you're travelling
even when you know you've missed the train

So take your time, don't you worry
I'll be waiting, you know I'll be waiting

Don't want to be a ploughboy
seen my father break his back that way
I'm not a dreamer, I'm a builder
at least that's what the voices say
I can't let love spoil my chances
can't let a girl stand in my way
So it's the best thing to tell
her I'm just leaving for a day
and what's so wrong about deception
maybe I could change my mind and stay
You can't be crying, while your travelling
it won't be me that's crying anyway.


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I met a man who told me
he knew about hidden gold
so take me there
and show me where
I can stand in the cold
and when I've found the valley
I knew I'd lose my sole
In the main daylight
it was black as night
it was twice as cold
and you know they tried so hard
to change my mind
but I was oh so young
and proud and wild

Green star liner
carry me to find a shelter from the sea
Forty miles nearer,
twenty miles clearer, what I want to be

But that's the price of fortune
a poor boy has to pay
and I was strong to carry on till judgement day
so if you see a stranger
and you think you hear my step
just pass me by don't ask why I'm a wanderer yet.


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See him driving those golden nails
that hold together the silver bars
That once a day gonna take us to the stars
cos he's the man who built America
See him walkin the golden wire
a million miles from his starting place
and see the world reflected in his face
cos he's the man who built America
You coloured kids on the border line
and all you golden children of the sun
He's farther to you each and everyone
cos he's the man who built America

Building them up, your dreams
tell me, who's gonna knock them down
not him, not the man who built America

In every precinct a golden mile
in every doorway stands heart's desire
but see him crouching running through the fire
cos he's the man who built America
You kill the rich and you con the poor
You stalk the streets with your 45's
but no-one's going to take the man alive
cos he's the man who built America


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Don't know how long I've been away
It's hard to say when it's the time to go
Just when you feel your dues are paid
You got it made, there's nothing left to show

Outside my room a light is flashing
so the night can never gain a hold
and in the language that the stranger
doesn't know he's often easy rolled

And though I'm finding it hard to smile
I get the feeling that in a while
Chances are for takin'
Fortune'll smile on the boldest one
Don't feel forsaken
Keep on believing your time will come
and you'll see it through


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Simple plan, grab the money
and run for your life while you're still ahead
but you blew it, memory passed you
waiting to catch you as soon as you stopped for breath
So there you stand you're such a lucky man
everyone says so but you can't understand why
you got the upper hand, makes you wonder
what you sold to get by

Oohit's just a letter from home
telling you things that are changing

Tuesday night stalled at a red light
images linger frayed and torn
like the photographs you kept in your wallet
sons and lovers reading letteres from home
You read but you don't understand


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She's got another thing coming
if she thinks that he'll stay
he only met the girl the other day
And she told him he'd find work
if he stayed with her
but no work's come his way
he can't go on just living for today
He's a stranger to this city this country
and he's got to much to do
has to move can't spend more time with you

He thinks that his leaving's due
He thinks their long weekend's through

Shout she cried
if the city is dust in your eyes
Phone she pleads
if the city is full of those street traffic sighs

In the cafe on the corner she's sitting
expecing him to show
while in her heart she knows he has to go
The other night she captured his attention
but now as planes fly by
he turns his face from her and stares at the sky
Conffesion time will make her sad
can't help making her blue
Because he knows that their long weekend's through

He knows that his leaving's due
He knows their long weekend's through

Write she says
if your needing a friend along the way
Come back some time
I've no reason to leave you know that I'll stay
In the cafe on the corner she's sitting
hoping that he'll show.


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It's kinda crazy
I know to think summers were lazier then
long time ago
Tell me where did they go
The sun's sinking and the day's at an
end long time ago

Ooh was it time you know it felt kinda slow
Ooh was it the love how did it capture us so
All I know is it was a long time ago

We all do what we can
but I'm different from the man I was when
long time ago
Our lives written in sand
I can't remember what I called myself then
long time ago

Ooh was it time and did it capture us so ?
Ooh was it love and did we both let it go ?
Let it go, cos it was a long time ago.

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