Historical Note:-

Down through the ages the quest for the unfotunate cup of tea has stirred the imagination of poet and pauper alike.

Now with the discovery of the "24th Track" we can begin to grasp it's potent symbolism and, hopefully, chart its course from ritual to romance, with a bullet.

This is a mixed metphor but it can be played on mono reproducers provided either a compatible or stereo cartridge
wired for mono is fitted.

Or you could use an oxymoron

(If That's What You Want)That's What You Get.  Ring - A - Rosey.
Flirting In The Shadows
.  Self Defence.   High Volume Love.
Turn Your Face To The Wall.  Everything Will be Alright.

Produced and engineered by Fritz Fryer Recorded and mixed at Rockfield Studios
Cover Design-Geoff Halpin, Charles O'Connor, Eamon Carr.
Illustration- Tom Griffin ( Thanks Monster McGrath ).  Photography-Ian Finlay.
Management Michael Deeny