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Excerpt from Trouble Added - see below - 7/11/05

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Fashion Statements Galore as the lads belt out "Trouble with a Capital 'T'" at the Cork Opera House in 1979.
Yes - Added 7/11/05
10.40 Mb
( 26 Minutes / 3 minutes / Less than 1 minute)
60 Seconds of footage (including the opening drum/guitar riff) of Dearg Doom from the BBC's Old Grey Whistle Test (1974)
Dearg Doom
Yes - Added 2/11/05
10.20 Mb
(25 minutes / 3 minutes / Less than 1 minute)
(From the Documentary) Against a backdrop of the band performing King of the Fairies on the roof of the Bank of Ireland HQ, the Edge and Tom Dunne offer details of some of their experiences.
Horslips Hit The Roof
Yes - Added 2/11/05
22.70 Mb
(55 minutes / 6 minutes / 2 minutes)
Barry, Charles, Jim and Johnny relive the enormity of the moment when Charles lobbed his violin into the crowd at the last gig....
The Thrown Fiddle
Yes - Here
10.70 Mb
(26 minutes / 3 minutes / Less than 1 minute)
A two-minute glide through Johnny's hypnotic guitar playing in the Epic that is Furniture at the National Stadium, 1973
Yes - Here
19.90 Mb
(48 minutes / 5 minutes / 1 minute)
Beautifully crafted video meshing that captures 45 seconds of the energy & fun at the National Stadium in 1975.
Yes - Here
7.46 Mb

(18 minutes / 2 minutes / Less than 1 minute)

This will be a re-hash of the file that crashed the site last weekend! Go for it!

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